After going through a rigorous Product Design Challenge and multiple interviews, I was chosen to be the first Product Design Intern at Swiggy. Coincidently, Swiggy is also the first company I ever interned at! I’d heard a lot of internship stories in college - good as well as bad. …

Visual design and interaction tweaks that work really well.

Let’s fix our basics first.

  1. Your icon and type weight must be similar. Don’t use bold icons with light labels. You can’t have always have it identical but it can always be close.

2. You have equal spacing on all the four sides. This means you might have to add extra padding on left and…

and help you live a better life.

#1 Expanding your ‘Web of Consciousness’

As a UX Designer, I consciously keep my eyes open for inspiration in places that are really far away from the world of Tech & UX. …

that can help you collaborate better while WFH.

1. Supplementing links with a good looking screenshot 📸

Every time you share a new design on Slack, export the most important frame or just the new component and attach it within the message itself.

I’ve noticed that people check out my designs sooner than expected, simply because I tempt them with a good looking screenshot. …

1. Inverted Behaviour

We all have studied basic geometry in school and in most cases, we believe that this is how all axes work:

but things work differently on Figma. Create a New Page and randomly paste any frame. Check what values you get on the right side

There are four panels you will regularly visit while working on Figma. You can access each of these four panels by using a few shortcut keys.

Credit for Keyboard Illustrations goes to @rokuzeudon | Link to File

Organising your Figma Files well is a crucial aspect of your Design Handoff, especially when you do not use extra tools like Zeplin or Storybook (common in a lot of startups)

Just like your product, your Design Files also has customers. They are your Developers and Project Managers. Properly organised…

I have been unlearning some unmerited beliefs that I had unconsciously picked up as a child.

The most recent one is complaining about the rising expense of living. …

I’m a huge proponent of spreading motivation and giving advice. I always wanted to be that person who gave ‘real advice’. That is why I started my show on Spotify to share my two cents on the subject.

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

My intention was to help people avoid mistakes I did. It was…

I’ve noticed a trend in my surroundings where people have started considering everything they have as ‘normal’ and ‘ordinary’. People are getting difficult to impress because they always want more 🔥

100 years ago, things like wireless communication and machine learning where considered equivalent to magic. People’s eyes would pop…

Ansh Mehra

UX Designer, Podcaster and Filmmaker

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